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The name of our story is Zack. This story takes place in 2015 after an outbreak of a virus leads to an apocalyptic world of zombies.

We follow the main character Zack and his family living on a small street in Orange County, California as they try to survive this new reality. Through each weekly chapter, new characters are introduced and together they face the many challenges of surviving the zombie apocalypse.

In random chapters, Zack comes upon survivors who are referred to by a Survivor Number. This Survival Number matches ONE of the bottles of the Walking Dead juice line. If the serial number on your bottle matches, you can send us the bottle or take a picture of it and submit it to us to win cash and/or prizes. So please make sure to continue reading our story and visiting your local store to pick up some tasty walking dead juice to win!

Please enjoy this story about Zack and his family’s struggle to survive.